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Here is a list of all modules:
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 Axl main: Init functions for the library
 Axl Declarations: Common Axl declarations, Types, macros, and support functions.
 Axl Handlers: Handlers declarations used by Axl Library functions.
 Axl Doc: XML Documents related functions, loading XML documents and using them.
 Axl DTD: Document type declaration interface (functions, validation, and DTD parsing)
 Axl Error report: Functions to help AXL library to report internal error to the application level.
 Axl Hash: A hash table used by Axl Library
 Axl Hash Cursor: Iterator support for the Axl Hash
 Axl List: A configurable double-linked list used across the library.
 Axl List Cursor: Iterator support for the Axl List
 Axl Log: Console log reporting for AXL library
 Axl Node: Xml node interface functions to use and manipulate xml nodes inside documents.
 Axl Node Annotate: An interface that allows associate arbitrary data to a particular node, indexed as a hash.
 Axl Node Attribute iteration: An interface provided to iterate attribute nodes without knowing them.
 Axl Item: A basic item abstraction that represents a child node that could be another node, content, xml comment, etc.
 Axl Stack: A stack built used across AXL library
 Axl Binary Stack: A compact binary state stack
 Axl Stream Document: Abstract stream where a xml document is expected (also provided string functions)
 Axl String: String functions provided by the Axl Stream module.
 Axl Doc Namespace: Xml 1.0 namespace support for XML documents
 Axl Node Namespace: Xml 1.0 namespace support for XML nodes
 Axl Babel: Main functions to enable axl babel support