Af-Arch Quick Start: Starting to program Af-Arch applications

On this page you will find the following sections:

Wellcome to Af-Arch framework

Af-Arch framework is made of several libraries and tool that will allow you to produce high quality application with a great productivity. But, this libraries and tool must be used following a sequence.

This quick start teach you what are the steps to be taken to develop Af-Arch application.

Quick Start

First of all you will need to install Af-Arch environment on your system. This can be easily done using available documentation here at the Af-Arch install section.

Now, you will need to define what components will be developed. Once you have decided it, you have to define that interface using af-gen IDL language.

Af-Gen is a tool that will help you on producing your component and a small library called STUB connector. You need that STUB connector to actually make your client applications to talk to Af-Arch server nodes.

To develop this interfaces it is used the af-gen IDL language. The language reference can be found here at the Af-Arch reference section.

You can also read the following af-gen tutorial which explains how to develop a small Af-Arch server component.

Once you have your server components you will need to start using services provided by those new servers from a client interface. You can check this section which talks about using Af-Arch server components from Graphical User Interfaces.

The Af-Arch client program structure

Every Af-Arch program have the following working flow diagram:


Af-Arch client structure

In order to make login on Af-Arch system you will have to use afdal_session_login function or AfArch.AfDal.Session.Login method if you are programming using C#.

Then, you will have to use the function provided by the STUB connector defined using af-gen IDL language.

As example, LibAfDal-Af-Kernel is a STUB connector for the central server Af-Kernel.

Once your program do not require to perform more request, you'll have to use afdal_session_logout function or AfArch.AfDal.Session.Logout method if you are programming using C#.

Roughly, that's all!

Getting help

If you find any problem developing with Af-Arch you can reach us at the mailing list: You will find this lists here: