API interface to activate afdal log (or how console log is handled in Af-Arch)

While developing Af-Arch application, every client or server running over it will be linked against the libafdal library.

This library allows to control the console debug throw by the application on its normal running.

Although this variables can be set by the user using the defined environment variables, this method can be somewhat not easy to apply for normal non-experimented users.

We also have to mention that settings environment variables across unix platforms is really different from windows platform. Of course, leaving apart the consideration that windows users (not programmers) usually doesn't know anything abount environment variables or what they are.

That's why Af-Arch have 2 interfaces to tweak enviroment variables which controls console debug. The first one is done by setting the environment variables to the right value using the available shell or using the AfDal Log API.

The console log on Af-Arch is controled throught the following variables: