AfDalList Class Reference
[C# bindings for LibAfDal layer]

Inherits NulData.

Detailed Description

A enhanced AfDalList implementation used on managed C# environment.

Public Member Functions

 AfDalList (DataList list, ObjectFromPtr translator)
 Constructor from a managed DataList.
 AfDalList (IntPtr list, ObjectFromPtr translator)
 Constructor from a raw unmanaged AfDalList pointer.
 AfDalList (ArrayList dataNodeList)
 Constructor from an array list.
IEnumerator GetEnumerator ()
 IEnumerator interface implementation.
Hashtable GetHash ()
 Returns a hash table using actual AfDalList content.

Static Public Member Functions

static void DisposeRaw (IntPtr dataList)
 Allow to dispose a raw reference to an AfDalList from the unmanaged dark side (C AfDalList object reference).

Data Fields

int Count = 0
 How many items this AfDalList have.


object this [int index]
 Array index interface for the given AfDalList object.