AfDalInvoke Class Reference

Inherited by AfDalInvokeAddElement, AfDalInvokeCommit, AfDalInvokeGetList, AfDalInvokeLogout, AfDalInvokeNulCustom, AfDalInvokeNumElement, AfDalInvokePeek, AfDalInvokeReference, AfDalInvokeRefresh, AfDalInvokeRemove, and AfDalInvokeRemoveElement.

Detailed Description

Class to allow asynchrnous invocation and execute process function inside the Gtk# main loop for Commit, Remove, and all services which expect to receive a NulData object reference.

Data Fields

event InvokeHandler Invoke
 Handler to be executed by AfDalInvoke class on request response.
NulData result
 Public reference holding result get from request.

Protected Member Functions

void Init ()
 Allows to initialize current Invoke class using already set Process function.
void Init (ReadyEvent _event)
 Allows to initialize current Invoke class from an already created ReadyEvent.