AfDalInvokeDecimalCustom CustomDecimalInitHandler  init,
CustomDecimalCloseHandler  close,
InvokeDecimalHandler  invoke

Allows to invoke any method that returns a DecimalData value in an asynchronous way.

The idea of this class is to allow to perform an invocation of a service that do return a DecimalData value.

The method requires two invocation methods that are used to begin and close the invocation in an abstract manner. See CustomNulCloseHandler and CustomNulInitHandler for an example doing the same but with services which returns NulData.

See also the following handlers:

init The init handler used to perform/activate the invocation.
close The close handler used to close the invocation returning a DecimalData value.
invoke A delegate to be executed inside the Gtk# main loop to notify invocation results.
A new AfDalInvokeNulCustom object.