AfDalInvokeNulCustom CustomNulInitHandler  init,
CustomNulCloseHandler  close,
InvokeHandler  invoke

Allows to invoke any method that returns a NulData value in an asynchronous way.

The idea of this class is to allow to perform an invocation of a service that do return a NulData value.

The method requires two invocation methods that are used to begin and close the invocation in an abstract manner. See CustomNulCloseHandler and CustomNulInitHandler.

Here is an example:

 // This is a required delegate definition, to perform the 
 // necessary casting information
 public delegate NulData CommonStatusChange (int Id);

 // define a begin invocation handler
 void beginSetPayedInvoke (AsyncCallback callback) {
     // create the specific handler
     CommonStatusChange dlgt = new CommonStatusChange (AjusteAplicado.SetPayed);
     // begin invocation providing the callback received on
     // this method and the dlgt handler.
     dlgt.BeginInvoke (new AsyncCallback (callback), dlgt);
 // define a close invocation handler
 NulData endCommonPayedInvoke (IAsyncResult ar) {
     // close the invocation return the object inside
     CommonStatusChange dlgt = ar.AsyncState as CommonStatusChange;
     // return the result
     return dlgt.EndInvoke (ar);

 // perform the custom invocation
 void Invoke () {
    // perform the invocation setting the begin and the
    // close invocation with the process method that will
    // be called once the invocation reply is received.
    new AfDalInvokeNulCustom (new CustomNulInitHandler (beginSetPayedInvoke),
                              new CustomNulCloseHandler (endCommonPayedInvoke),
                              new InvokeHandler (ProcessReply));
 // process reply received inside the Gtk# main loop
 void ProcessReply (NulData data) {
       // do whatever required ..

init The init handler used to perform/activate the invocation.
close The close handler used to close the invocation returning a NulData value.
invoke A delegate to be executed inside the Gtk# main loop to notify invocation results.
A new AfDalInvokeNulCustom object.