int GetValue  ) 

A method to get internal value for the current SimpleData object.

In the past, AfDalSimpleData structure was implemented to hold request response which holds Id elements (unique identifiers for object).

Then, Af-Arch began to evolve to more services which was also retuning integer elements but not Id (unique identifiers).

Because Af-Arch backward compatibility is critical, this type remains this way from those days.

However, newly written code should use this method to get the value inside the current object insted access to it directly.

Here is an example:

     // get how many customers there are
     SimpleData simple = Customers.NumElements ();
     if (simple.State != State.Ok) {
          Console.WriteLine ("Unable to get how many customer there are. " +
                             "Server response was: " + simple.Response);

     Console.WriteLine ("There are {0} customers", simple.Id);
     // recomended way
     Console.WriteLine ("There are {0} customers", simple.GetValue ());

Returns the integer value inside the given SimpleData object.