Connection Class Reference
[C# bindings for LibCoyote layer]

Detailed Description

Coyote connection class binding.

This class is a C# binding for services provided by Coyote Connection module. This class allows to create new connection coyote connections to remote nodes.

Here is an example on how to use this class:

   // make a Coyote Connection to a remote host.
   try {
         Connection con   = new Connection (host.Text, port.Text, Profile.Uri);
         Console.WriteLine ("We are successfully connected to {0}:{1}", host.Text, port.Text);
   }catch (Exception exception) {
         Console.WriteLine ("Unable to connect remote host.");

Public Member Functions

 Connection (string host, string port, string profile)
 Makes a connection to the given host:port using the given profile.

Data Fields

string Host
 Actuall Host this Connection object is connected.
string Port
 Actual Port this Connection object is connected.

Data Structures

class  ConnectionFailed
 Exception thrown when connection attempt have failed. More...