override NulData Commit  )  [virtual]

Commits to the database current status of the given object using either new or edit service.

This method is a binding for reserved services on C layer: new and edit. The first time this method is called for the given object, new services is invoke. Here is the documentation about invoking new service from C layer:.

Creates a new Af-Arch user.

This service allows to create new users inside the Af-Arch system. To get access to services provided by af-arch, no matter if they are public or private one, an user login and password is needed.

The, permissions module can be used to set necessary permission for the user being created.

Af-Arch users can be organized in Af-Arch groups. To create groups and insert on them users is a easy way to define a set of permissions to be applies to a set of users. Af-Arch group permissions are also extended to the Af-Arch users the group have.

If the service is invoked successfully, an AfDalSimpleData object will be returned on the provided AfDalSimpleFunc usr_function having as value the new unique identifier for the user created.

However, this method uses services provided by edit services once the object have been stored on the database either because it has been retreived from an Af-Arch node or due to it has been already commited. Here is the documentation about invoking edit service from C layer:

Allows to edit an Af-Arch users data.

This service allows to change any data the Af-Arch user have. To edit the password, the service afdal_af_kernel_af_user_change_password must be used.

Reimplemented from DataNode.