AfDalNulData* afdal_af_kernel_af_user_edit_sync gint  id,
gchar *  nick,
gchar *  password,
gchar *  description

Allows to edit an Af-Arch users data.

This service allows to change any data the Af-Arch user have. To edit the password, the service afdal_af_kernel_af_user_change_password must be used.

INVOCATION METHOD: This function allows to perform an synchronous remote invocation. for the service "af_kernel::af_user::edit".

This function is a synchronous version for afdal_af_kernel_af_user_edit function.

id The unique user identification to be edit by this service.
nick User login (short name which identifies the user across Af-Arch system)
password User password
description A description for the Af-Arch user