AfDalNulData* afdal_af_kernel_af_user_af_group_update_all_sync gint  af_user_id,
AfDalSetof setof_af_group

Allows to make a user to belong to several groups with one operation.

This function doesn't have a cummulative results. The used set of group will be used to establish current groups which belongs the given user. Previous group belonging information will be removed and replaced with the given set of group.

INVOCATION METHOD: This function allows to perform an synchronous remote invocation. for the service "af_kernel::af_user::af_group_update_all".

This function is a synchronous version for afdal_af_kernel_af_user_af_group_update_all function.

af_user_id The user which will be added to all groups found on set_of_group
setof_af_group no description defined