gboolean afdal_af_kernel_af_user_change_password_user gint  user_id,
gchar *  new_password,
gchar *  new_password2,
AfDalNulFunc  usr_function,
gpointer  usr_data

Allows to change the password for any user.

This service allows to change the password for any user. This service is not public and must be only owned by administrators.

INVOCATION METHOD: This function allows to perform a asynchronous remote invocation for the service "af_kernel::af_user::change_password_user".

user_id no description defined
new_password New password to be set.
new_password2 New password repeated to ensure user have typed it correctly.
usr_function An Asynchronous handler where the AfDalNulData value will be received.
usr_data User defined data to be passed in to the process function defined by usr_function.
TRUE if asynchronous request was sent to remote server (af_kernel). FALSE if there was an error while making remote service invocation.