AfDalData* afdal_af_kernel_permission_af_user_list_sync gint  initial_permission,
gint  max_row_number,
gint  af_user_id

Allows to get current permission set to the given user.

Because permission returned by this function may not be owned directly by the user and owened by some group which the given user belongs, you have to use afdal_af_kernel_permission_actual_list_by_user to get really owned permissions by the given user.

This function returns an AfDalData object which contains an AfDalList with AfDalAfKernelPermission data nodes.

INVOCATION METHOD: This function allows to perform an synchronous remote invocation. for the service "af_kernel::permission::af_user_list".

This function is a synchronous version for afdal_af_kernel_permission_af_user_list function.

initial_permission Base permission to start returned list. User 0 to start from the very initial permission.
max_row_number Maximum number of items to be returned. Use 0 to receive all elements starting from initial parameter.
af_user_id The user to get current permissions.