AfDalNulData* afdal_af_kernel_permission_permission_add_sync gint  permission_id,
gint  permission_id_self

Allows to set the given permission defined by permission_id to the given permission defined by permission_id_self.

Permission mechanism inside Af-Arch allows to associate permission to each others. This allows to have permission depencies which are really useful. Thus, permissions which have a dependency relation with other permissions, sets not only its permission but also relationed permission when they are set to group and users.

INVOCATION METHOD: This function allows to perform an synchronous remote invocation. for the service "af_kernel::permission::permission_add".

This function is a synchronous version for afdal_af_kernel_permission_permission_add function.

permission_id Permission to set to the given permission.
permission_id_self Permission to receive the given permission (permission_id).