gboolean afdal_af_kernel_permission_server_list gint  initial_permission,
gint  max_row_number,
gint  server_id,
AfDalDataFunc  usr_function,
gpointer  usr_data

Allows to get which permissions are provided by the given server (server_id).

Permissions are a representation for a particular service to be executed or not. In fact, a permission have the same form of a service. That means "af_kernel::permission::server_list" is a permission and a service at the same time.

Services are provided by servers (they export this services to be executed by remove Af-Arch clients). This service allows to get which permissions are provided by the given server.

This function returns on the given AfDalDataFunc an AfDalData object which contains an AfDalList with AfDalAfKernelPermission data nodes.

INVOCATION METHOD: This function allows to perform a asynchronous remote invocation for the service "af_kernel::permission::server_list".

initial_permission Base permission to start returned list. User 0 to start from the very initial permission.
max_row_number no description defined
server_id The server identifier which provides a set of permissions.
usr_function An Asynchronous handler where the AfDalData value will be received.
usr_data User defined data to be passed in to the process function defined by usr_function.
TRUE if asynchronous request was sent to remote server (af_kernel). FALSE if there was an error while making remote service invocation.