AfDal AfKernel Server Synchronous Module


AfDalDataafdal_af_kernel_server_list_sync (gint initial, gint max_row_number)
 Allows to get current servers installed on the system.
AfDalSimpleDataafdal_af_kernel_server_num_elements_sync ()
 Allows to get how many servers are installed on the system.
AfDalDataafdal_af_kernel_server_previous_sync (gint initial, gint max_previous_row_number)
 This function returns an AfDalData object which contains an AfDalList with AfDalAfKernelServer data nodes.
AfDalNodeDataafdal_af_kernel_server_reference_sync (gint id)
 INVOCATION METHOD: This function allows to perform an synchronous remote invocation.
AfDalNulDataafdal_af_kernel_server_remove_sync (gint id)
 Allows to remove a server using the given unique identifier.