AfDalData* afdal_af_kernel_server_list_sync gint  initial,
gint  max_row_number

Allows to get current servers installed on the system.

Servers are actually installed on the system when they are registered against the central server. This servers register themselves against the central server using --update-services command line option.

This function returns an AfDalData object which contains an AfDalList with AfDalAfKernelServer data nodes.

INVOCATION METHOD: This function allows to perform an synchronous remote invocation. for the service "af_kernel::server::list".

This function is a synchronous version for afdal_af_kernel_server_list function.

initial Initial server element to be used as starting point for returned list. Use 0 to start from the very begin
max_row_number Maximum number of items to be returned. Use 0 to receive all elements starting from initial parameter