AfDal DataList Module: Simple type build on top of GTree to provide a simple object reference holder


typedef GTree AfDalDataList
 Simple values and reference holder type implemented on top of a GTree.


void afdal_datalist_free (AfDalDataList *adl)
 Destroy the given AfDalDataList object.
gpointer afdal_datalist_get (AfDalDataList *adl, const gchar *name)
 Allows to get previously stored data inside the given AfDalDataList object.
AfDalDataListafdal_datalist_new ()
 Creates a new AfDalDataList object.
void afdal_datalist_print (AfDalDataList *adl)
 Allows to print out to the console the current AfDalDataList object content.
void afdal_datalist_set (AfDalDataList *adl, const gchar *name, gpointer data)
 Stores new object element inside the given AfDalDataList object.
void afdal_datalist_set_full (AfDalDataList *adl, const gchar *name, gpointer data, GDestroyNotify free_func)
 Stores the given value inside the given AfDalDataList but providing a destroy function for the given data.