void afdal_datalist_set_full AfDalDataList adl,
const gchar *  name,
gpointer  data,
GDestroyNotify  free_func

Stores the given value inside the given AfDalDataList but providing a destroy function for the given data.

This function allows to store new data inside the AfDalDataList as afdal_datalist_set function but, this function allows to provide a destroy function to stored object.

This destroy function is called when afdal_datalist_free function is called.

This function also allows to store NULL values. But you have to consider there is no way to check if current search, performed by using afdal_datalist_get function, is returning the NULL value stored or the lookup have failed.

adl The AfDalDataList object where values will be stored.
name The index key to be used on accessing the object stored.
data The user defiend data to be stored.
free_func The Function to be used to destroy the stored object.