AfDal List Module: A flexible list used to hold item element on AfDalData and AfDalMultiData objects.


typedef __AfDalList AfDalList
 List of items used across Af-Arch framework to hold item values stored inside the AfDalData and AfDalMultiData requests.


AfDalListafdal_list_copy (AfDalList *list)
 Copy the given AfDalList including the data inside.
gpointer afdal_list_data (AfDalList *list)
 Gets the data associated for the current internal position.
void afdal_list_destroy (AfDalList *list)
 Destroy the given AfDalList object.
AfDalListafdal_list_empty_copy (AfDalList *list)
 Perfoms an empty copy using actual paramters from the source AfDalList object.
void afdal_list_extract (AfDalList *list, gpointer key)
 Removes the element indexed by key, from the given AfDalList without calling destroy functions.
void afdal_list_first (AfDalList *list)
 Sets the internal node reference to the first position for the given AfDalList object.
void afdal_list_foreach (AfDalList *list, GTraverseFunc func, gpointer user_data)
 Allows to perform a foreach around all elements stored inside the given AfDalList.
gint afdal_list_get_cursor_position (AfDalList *list)
 Returns the current cursor position for the given AfDalList object.
gint afdal_list_index (AfDalList *list, gpointer key)
 Returns current index inside the given AfDalList for the given object indexed by key.
void afdal_list_insert (AfDalList *list, gpointer key, gpointer value)
 Inserts new items inside the given AfDalList.
void afdal_list_last (AfDalList *list)
 Allows to set the internal node reference to the last position for the given AfDalList object.
guint afdal_list_length (AfDalList *list)
 Returns the number of items stored on the given AfDalList object.
gpointer afdal_list_lookup (AfDalList *list, gpointer key)
 Performs a lookup returned the object associated with the given key.
AfDalListafdal_list_new (GCompareFunc compare_func)
 Creates a new AfDalList object.
AfDalListafdal_list_new_full (GCompareFunc compare_func, GDestroyNotify key_destroy_func, GDestroyNotify value_destroy_func)
 Creates a new AfDalList object but providing destroy function for items stored.
gboolean afdal_list_next (AfDalList *list)
 Sets the current internal position to the next value.
gpointer afdal_list_nth_data (AfDalList *list, gint n)
 Returns the object located at the nth position inside the given AfDalList.
void afdal_list_remove (AfDalList *list, gpointer key)
 Removes an element from the given AfDalList, indexed by the given key.
void afdal_list_replace (AfDalList *list, gpointer key, gpointer new_value)
 Replace an element already found inside the given AfDalList with the given new_value.
gboolean afdal_list_set_cursor_position (AfDalList *list, gint cursor_position)
 Sets the current internal cursor to a fixed position for the given AfDalList object.