void afdal_request_process_data VortexChannel channel,
VortexConnection connection,
VortexFrame frame,
gpointer  user_data

Allows to process incomming service invocation responses for AFDAL_REQUEST_DATA type.

NOTE:This function is maintained for historial and API compatibility. This is because Af-Gen tool writes process function for AFDAL_REQUEST_DATA invocation making this function somewhat unuseful.

Generic process function to handle incoming messages with data. This function is meant to be used by libafdal* programmers to create a more maintainable library. This functions is an example on how to create process functions for incomming message with data, so you don't have to use it directly.

At this moment this function is automatically generated by af-gen tool. This mean this function is only useful to get more knowledge about af-arch but you shouldn't be written this types of function.

channel the channel were data was received.
connection the connection where the channel lives.
frame the received frame which holds the data
user_data user defined pointer.