void afdal_request_notifier_status_step gint  step  ) 

Allows to set how many stage changes are signaled before the next.

While performing service invocation which retrieves a list of items, REQUEST_PROCESS is signaled to the to the handler defined at afdal_request_notifier_status_set.

If the list contains 1000 elements, having step equal to 1, will produce 1000 stage change signals. This can be process consuming. This function allows to change step used to signal stage change.

Setting a step equal to 150 will produce to signal REQUEST_PROCESS every 150 items updated.

By default step is set to 300 units. Step set must be at least 1 unit.

NOTE: this value is share across all request being processed at the same time. If there are 5 concurrent instances reporting REQUEST_PROCESS values, they all increases internal counter to step value. Also remember that lower step value can produce a great overhead on your application. 300 is a good value.

step How many updates are considered as an update.