enum AfDalRequestStage

Request stage enumerator.

This is used at AfDalRequestNotifierStatus async handler. This enumerator represents different stages that an Af-Arch request traverse until it is completed.


This value is actually not directly used by Af-Arch API consumers.

REQUEST_INIT  Request has stated.

This value represent that a new request is being prepared to be sent.

REQUEST_FILTERED  Request has been filtered.

This is because the filter function, set using afdal_request_notifier_filter_set, have returned FALSE so request is filtered.

REQUEST_ERROR  There was an error while building request.
REQUEST_SENT_OK  Request has been sent.

This value represents that a new request have been prepared and sucessfully sent.

REQUEST_SENT_FAIL  Request wasn't sent.

This value represents that a request was not posible to be sent. This means that there was an error or a failure while sending request data.

REQUEST_RECEIVED_OK  Request reply has been received.

This means that a request sent has received a positive reply.

REQUEST_RECEIVED_ERROR  Negative request reply has been received.

This means that a request already done have received a negative reply.

REQUEST_PROCESS  A request reply has been received and it is been processed.
REQUEST_DELIVER_SUSPENDED  A request reply has been suspended.

This may happen due to a session refresh or other issue which make the current request deliverance to be suspended.

REQUEST_DELIVERED  Request has been delivered.

notify that the request has been delivered: Due to how Af-Arch request are processed to deliver them to upper levels, service name cannot be provided once a request has been delivered. This means service_name parameter on this stage is NULL.