gboolean afdal_session_refresh_session gchar *  passwd,
AfDalNulFunc  usr_function,
gpointer  usr_data

Performs an asynchronous session refresh.

Thi function takes part into the refresh session process which is transparent to the program user. This function is automatically invoked from afdal layer on server request response when they are marked as AFDAL_SESSION_EXPIRED. Afdal, automatically reacts to this by launch the refresh session process.

However, this function could be usefull if the intention is to refresh current user credentials because they have changed during the already logged session. This function mainly allow to avoid the logout and then login problem to refresh current user credentials.

It has another positive effect, current host location table is refresh which is used to locate current Af-Arch server nodes found.

Before running this function, the AfDal layer will ask for the actual user password through the AfDal Password interface". If user don't set the handler need at that interface an error will occur and the AF arch application will no longer run properly.

passwd The user password to refresh current session.
usr_function User space function to execute on request reply.
usr_data User defined data to be passed in to usr_function
TRUE if request was successful, otherwise FALSE.