AfDalSetof * afdal_setof_create AfDalSetofItemType  type  ) 

Allows to create a new AfDalSetof type.

The set created will enforce adding values selected by the type parameter. This abstract data type is not meant to be used as a general container. Its main purpose is to serve as a parameter for Af-Arch client stub function.

While using the af-gen tool, a set of could be used while defining a service or a module. As a result, Client stub will have defined as an incoming parameter a AfDalSetof value.

The type support a basic creation and manipulation before being passed as a parameter to a request function as follow:

    // create the instance
    AfDalSetof * setof = afdal_setof_create (SETOF_INT);
    // add values to it
    afdal_setof_add_int (setof, 1);
    afdal_setof_add_int (setof, 4);
    afdal_setof_add_int (setof, 2);

    // pass it to a afdal request function.

    // destroy it
    afdal_setof_destroy (setof);

type The type of all elements holded inside this type.
A new AfDalSetof instance.