AfDal Suppot Module: Support function for AfDal layer.


#define AFDAL_GET_DECIMAL(afdal)   (afdal ? afdal->decimal : NULL)
 Returns the decimal inside the given AfDalDecimalData object.
#define AFDAL_GET_NODE(afdal)   (afdal ? afdal->node : NULL)
 Returns the AfDalDataNode inside the given AfDalNodeData object.
#define AFDAL_GET_STRING(afdal)   (afdal ? afdal->string : NULL)
 Returns the string inside the given AfDalStringData object.
#define AFDAL_IS_ERROR(afdal)   (!afdal || (afdal->state == AFDAL_ERROR))
 Allows to check if the given AfDal object, no mather the request type, have returned ERROR.
#define AFDAL_IS_OK(afdal)   (afdal && afdal->state == AFDAL_OK)
 Allows to check if the given request, no matter the type, have returned AFDAL_OK status.
#define AFDAL_LIST(afdal)   (afdal ? afdal->data : NULL)
 Returns the AfDalList object insie the given AfDal object.
#define AFDAL_RESPONSE(afdal)   (afdal ? afdal->text_response : "no response, the reference is null")
 Allows to get the current text response for the given AfDal request object.
#define AFDAL_STATE(afdal)   (!afdal ? afdal->state : -1)
 Allows to get the current AfDalState for the given AfDal request object.
#define afdal_support_check_str(str)   coyote_xml_check_str(str)
 Wrapper function to coyote_xml_check_str.
#define afdal_support_check_str_to_free(str)   coyote_xml_check_str_to_free(str)
 Wrapper function to coyote_xml_check_str_to_free.
#define AFDAL_VALUE(afdal)   (afdal ? afdal->id : -1)
 Allows to get id value for the given AfDal request object.


gint afdal_support_compare_id (gconstpointer a, gconstpointer b)
 Compares to gpointers containing integer values.
gint afdal_support_compare_string (gconstpointer a, gconstpointer b)
 Compares to gpointers containing string values.
gchar * afdal_support_escape_str (gchar *source)
 Wrapper function for coyote_xml_escape_str.
gboolean afdal_support_get_boolean (const gchar *from_string)
 Retuns the boolean value for the given string.
CoyoteDataSetafdal_support_get_dataset_ids (AfDalList *list)
 Allows to get current dataset Id from the given AfDalList.
glong afdal_support_get_number (const gchar *from_string)
 Returns the value represented by the given string.
gboolean afdal_support_has_escape_chars (gchar *source)
 Wrapper function for coyote_xml_has_escape_chars.
void afdal_support_log (gchar *format,...)
 Allows to drop a log into de console depending on the state of AF_DEBUG var.