#define AFDAL_IS_OK afdal   )     (afdal && afdal->state == AFDAL_OK)

Allows to check if the given request, no matter the type, have returned AFDAL_OK status.

This macro makes some additional checks to the given data so code gets more easy and maintainable. Here is an example about how to use this macro:

     AfDalNulData * nul_data = afdal_af_test_make_some_request ();

     // you could access nul data state value directly as:
     if (nul_data->state == AFDAL_OK) {
            // do some stuff

     // but is better to do
     if (AFDA_IS_OK (nul_data)) {
            // do some stuff

afdal an afdal request object.
TRUE if request have returned an AFDAL_OK value or FALSE if not.