void afdal_signal_disable  ) 

Allows to disable default signal handler for current Af-Arch application.

By default, all applications using Af-Arch, that is, those linked to AfDal lib have a default signal handler for the segmentation fault which allows programmer to show the current stack.

But this can be a problem if you don't like this behaviour.

Another example of this is that AfArch# binding disable this signal handler because the .NET platform have its own segmentation fault exception handling.

This function must be called before afdal_init to have effect.

     gint main (gint argc, gchar ** argv) {
         // disable default Af-Arch signal handling
         afdal_signal_disable ();

         // init Af-Arch
         afdal_init ();

         // start to make petition to other servers after make a successfull
         // login using afdal_session_login (or sync version).