AfGs Command Module: Support to execute SQL statements.


#define AFGS_BEGIN_TRANSACTION(con, message)
 Allows to perform initial begin transaction operations.
#define afgs_command_begin(connection)   afgs_command_execute_non_query_with_con(connection, "BEGIN")
 Macro definition which performs a BEGIN operation over the given connection.
#define afgs_command_commit(connection)   afgs_command_execute_non_query_with_con(connection, "COMMIT")
 Allows to perform a COMMIT operation on the given connection.
#define afgs_command_rollback(connection)   afgs_command_execute_non_query_with_con(connection, "ROLLBACK")
 Allows to perform a ROLLBACK operation into the given connection.
#define AFGS_COMMIT_TRANSACTION(con, message)
 Allows to close a transaction opened.
#define AFGS_ROLLBACK_ERROR(con, message)
 Allows to perform a transaction close operation.
#define NON_QUERY   afgs_command_execute_non_query
 Simple macro definition to allow programmers to write NON_QUERY rather than its alias afgs_command_execute_non_query.
#define NON_QUERY_WITH_CON   afgs_command_execute_non_query_with_con
 Simple alias to afgs_command_execute_non_query_with_con function.
#define SINGLE_QUERY   afgs_command_execute_single_query
 Simple macro definition to allow programmers to write SINGLE_QUERY rather than its alias afgs_command_execute_single_query.


typedef _AfGsConnection AfGsConnection
 Database pool connection unit.


AfGsConnectionafgs_command_connection_pool_get ()
 Allows to get, and adquired, a database connection available.
void afgs_command_connection_pool_release (AfGsConnection *conn)
 Allows to release the given connection, so the state gets ready to be used for the next call to afgs_command_connection_pool_get.
gboolean afgs_command_execute_non_query (gchar *cmd_string,...)
 Allows to execute non results queries.
gboolean afgs_command_execute_non_query_with_con (AfGsConnection *db_connection, gchar *cmd_string,...)
 Allows to perform a database connection using the selected database connection from the channel pool.
gboolean afgs_command_execute_non_queryv (gchar *cmd_string, va_list args)
 Allows to execute the given non query SQL statement providing an string argument and already initialized set of stdargs arguments.
CoyoteDataSetafgs_command_execute_single_query (gchar *cmd_string,...)
 Allows to execute a single query which returns results.
CoyoteDataSetafgs_command_execute_single_query_with_con (AfGsConnection *db_connection, gchar *cmd_string,...)
 Allows to execute a single query SQL statement setting the database connection from the connection pool to be used.
CoyoteDataSetafgs_command_execute_single_queryv (gchar *cmd_string, va_list args)
 Allows to execute a single query which is expected to receive a value from its execution, but receiving as parameter an stdarg value.
gboolean afgs_command_have_content (gchar *cmd_string,...)
 Allows to executing the given SQL instruction and report if such instruction have returned some content.
gboolean afgs_command_have_content_with_con (AfGsConnection *db_connection, gchar *cmd_string,...)
 Allows to perform a have content operation providing a connection that have being received.
gboolean afgs_command_is_positive_content (gchar *cmd_string,...)
 Allows to execute a SQL statement that returns a boolean value, which is checked to be positive.
gboolean afgs_command_is_positive_content_with_con (AfGsConnection *db_connection, gchar *cmd_string,...)
 Allows to check for a positive boolean value inside the given SQL statement, inside a transaction.