gchar * afgs_config_get AfgsConfiguration config,
gchar *  key

Gets the value for the given key.

Gets the value associated to the given key. config object must be a valid AfgsConfiguration object obtained from afgs_config_load function. If you want to have access to your configuration you can simply do:

   string = afgs_config_get (NULL, "a key");
   // returned reference must be freed using g_free

By passing NULL for the first param you are instructing afgs_config_get to use the last config loaded.

You must free the result after use it. If you only want to get a reference to the result so you don't have to worry about freeing it, you can to use afgs_config_get_ref

config An AfgsConfiguration object or NULL
key Key to search for
A value or NULL if key weren't defined. Returned value must be freed by using g_free.