AfgsConfiguration * afgs_config_load gchar *  filename,
gchar **  accepted_keys

Loads the default configuration file for the current server.

Loads an afgs configuration file pointed by filename. accepted_keys is used to set up which keys are considered while parsing filename.

Keep in mind there a set of default accepted keys which are common to all servers. In case you use a NULL value for accepted_keys you will be using the default ones. You can avoid using default accepted keys.

You may want your server to accept more config keys. So if you want to consider two new keys such as: example1 and foo2 you have to do a call as follow:

    gchar ** accepted_keys = {"example1", "foo2", NULL};
    AfgsConfiguration * config = afgs_config_load (path_to_config_file, 

filename Full path to an afgs configuration file.
accepted_keys A string list of accepted keys
A new configuration object. This value must be destroyed using afgs_config_destroy.