gboolean afgs_database_init const gchar *  connection_name,
const gchar *  connection_description,
gint  argc,
gchar **  argv

Initializes the Database module.

Tries to initialize configured database system (using af-arch config files) and make some enviroment checks such as connect to the configured database and then disconnect to figure out if it is alive. This function must be called after a call to afgs_config_load.

Actually, this function should not be called by Af-Arch consumer because it is already called by LibAfGs.

Because the function in the past was using GDA to comunicate with underlaying database, all parameters was required due to this. However, Af-Arch no longer depends on GDA and all parameters required on this function are not needed.

So, to initialize af-arch database support the following is valid:

 if (!afgs_database_init (NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL)) {
       g_print ("database initialization have failed ..\n");
 g_print ("database initialized..\n");

NOTE: This function is considered to be deprecated, use afgs_database_common_init function instead.

connection_name Connection short name (deprecated not used)
connection_description Connection description (deprecated not used)
argc Argument needed by gda initialization (deprecated not used)
argv Argument needed by gda initialization (deprecated not used)
TRUE is everything goes OK or FALSE in other case.