AfGs Main Module: Support function to create an Af-Arch server.


void afgs_main_abort (gchar *format,...)
 Write an error into the log and the console and then exits.
gchar * afgs_main_get_running_host ()
 Allows to get current running host (actually, the host name bound).
gchar * afgs_main_get_server_description ()
 Get server description for the given running server.
gchar * afgs_main_get_server_name ()
 Get server name (logical name) for the given running server.
gint afgs_main_get_server_version ()
 Allows to get current server version.
void afgs_main_run_server (gchar *server_name, gchar *server_description, gint server_version, glong server_compilation_date, gint *argc, gchar **argv[], gchar *config_file, gchar *accepted_keys[], AfgsServicesProvided services_provided[], gint services_version, AfgsMainCallback check_function)
 Creates a new Af-Arch server using the given parameters.