AfGs Message Module: Request responses module handling.


#define AFGS_ERROR(msg, code)   afgs_message_error_answer(channel, msg_no, msg, code)
 Macro to send a negative reply.
#define AFGS_OK(msg, code, vargs)   afgs_message_ok_answer(channel, msg_no, msg, code, vargs, NULL)
 Macro to send a positive reply.


GList * afgs_message_check_params (CoyoteXmlServiceData *data,...)
 Allows to check services parameters.
void afgs_message_error_answer (VortexChannel *channel, gint msg_no, gchar *message, CoyoteCodeType status_code)
 Allows to answer an error message over the given channel replying to the selected msg_no.
void afgs_message_ok_answer (VortexChannel *channel, gint msg_no, gchar *message, CoyoteCodeType status_code,...)
 Allows to perform a positive reply over the given channel using the selected msg_no.