void afgs_message_ok_answer VortexChannel channel,
gint  msg_no,
gchar *  message,
CoyoteCodeType  status_code,

Allows to perform a positive reply over the given channel using the selected msg_no.

Creates and sends an afirmative response message by using the given data. message is the message content, sent throught channel replying to an incoming message numbered as msg_no.

If we want to send an afirmative reply with two datasets we will write something like:

    afgs_message_ok_answer (channel, msg_no, "Take this data", COYOTE_CODE_OK, 
                            dataset1, dataset2, NULL);

This function doesn't close the channel.

channel Channel used to send message.
msg_no Message number which is going to be replied.
message Message content.
status_code A code from Coyote Code module.