enum CoyoteCodeType

CoyoteCodeType enumeration definition.

This enumeration is used to clasify all types of responses layer over Coyote: Main Coyote Module (initialization and exit stuff) can receive. This code clasification have nothing to do with BEEP error code clasification.

This codes are used mainly on CoyoteXmlServiceData. Previous object is a representation of a received or about to be sent message exchanged between Af-Arch nodes.

On server side programming, this codes are used in conjuntion with afgs_message_ok_answer and afgs_message_error_answer function. This function allows to perform replies to invocation requests received. While replying, one of the following code can be used to notify special situations.

COYOTE_CODE_OK  Received/Sent message is ok.

No error was producted while performing the query.

COYOTE_CODE_ERROR  Received/Sent message is a reply error.

An error have occur while performing user request or remote Af-Arch node request. This error code represent that the operation requested was unable to be executed.

COYOTE_CODE_UNKNOWN_SERVICE  Unknown service error.

This type of error are especially produced while trying to invoke remote services not exported actually. Remote server doesn't know anything about the service to be invoked and replies using this code.

This error code should not be used by Af-Arch framework consumer because unknown service invocation is handled by LibAfGs layer.

COYOTE_CODE_XML_VALIDATION_PROBLEM  Received/Sent message have validation problems.

Messages exchanged between Af-Arch nodes are XML formated. Before an CoyoteXmlObject is translated into a CoyoteXmlServiceData it is validated.

If a server receives a message with validation problems, this error code is returned.

Additionanlly, if a Af-Arch nodes performs an invocation and receives a CoyoteXml message not properly formated from a remote server, this error is returned to AfDal layer level.

COYOTE_CODE_XML_PARSE_PROBLEM  Some parse validation problem have occur.
COYOTE_CODE_XML_INCORRECT_PARAMETER  There was problems while parsing expected arguments.

This error code is used and received when Af-Arch nodes acting as servers receive a service invocation where parameters received didn't match with expected.

COYOTE_CODE_KEY_REQUIRED  Error returned while trying to perform an invocation for a services without setting the af-key.

Some services which are private needs an af-key to be executed. If a needed key service is invoked without setting the af-key to be used, the Af-Arch server node returns an error using the code.

COYOTE_CODE_KEY_EXPIRED  The af-key actually set is not current.

The service can not be executed because the given af-key is expired.

COYOTE_CODE_KEY_INVALID  The af-key set is not valid.

This error code is used when an af-key set for the given connection is not properly build.

COYOTE_CODE_INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSIONS  Service wasn't posible to be invoked due to permissions access control.

If the given user doesn't have permissions enough to invoke current service, Af-Arch server node returns this error.

COYOTE_CODE_SERVICES_UPDATE_NEEDED  A service update is needed.

Actually this is not an error but an indication from af-kernel central server to Af-Arch server node to perform an service update.

COYOTE_CODE_SESSION_EXPIRED  When the current session give ups, Af-Arch nodes returns this error.