gboolean coyote_dataset_is_empty CoyoteDataSet dataset  ) 

Checks if the given dataset is empty.

Performs a null check, height > 0 and width > 0 checks. It is useful when writing server side services and it is needed to check if the dataset is not null and have content.

Keep in mind that having a NULL dataset if far different from having an empty dataset. While making queries to databases using afgs API (afgs_command_execute_single_query) it could happen that this function returns an empty dataset. This means that the query requested was sucessfully completed but no data was found.

If the previous function return a NULL dataset means there was an error. As a conclusion:

  • Only use this function if the process at the server side to program some service which needs to check for emptyness.

  • Cases where this function is useful are those where it is expected to receive, at least, one row.

dataset The dataset to check
TRUE if the given dataset is not null and have at least one row and one column.