CoyoteXml: Coyote layer message exchanged support and coyote profile implementation

Data Structures

struct  _CoyoteXmlMessage
 Represents a CoyoteXmlMessage, a xml string representing a coyote message. More...
struct  _CoyoteXmlServiceData
 A request/response coyote layer message. More...
struct  _CoyoteXmlServiceNode
 Argument node representation for CoyoteXmlServiceData. More...


#define coyote_xml_check_str(str)
 Common macro used to check and escape an string.
#define coyote_xml_check_str_to_free(str)
 Common macro used to check and free an escaped string.


typedef _CoyoteXmlMessage CoyoteXmlMessage
 Represents a CoyoteXmlMessage, a xml string representing a coyote message.
typedef _CoyoteXmlObject CoyoteXmlObject
 Represents a CoyoteXmlObject, an inline memory xml structure.
typedef _CoyoteXmlServiceData CoyoteXmlServiceData
 A request/response coyote layer message.
typedef _CoyoteXmlServiceNode CoyoteXmlServiceNode
 Argument node representation for CoyoteXmlServiceData.


enum  CoyoteXmlArgType {
 Argument type supported by coyote layer. More...
 Represents the type for a particular CoyoteXmlServiceData. More...


void coyote_xml_add_request_service (CoyoteXmlObject *object, gchar *name_of_service,...)
 Adds a new service request to the given CoyoteXmlObject.
void coyote_xml_add_response_service (CoyoteXmlObject *object, CoyoteCodeType status_code, gchar *explanation,...)
 Adds a service response to the given CoyoteXmlObject.
void coyote_xml_add_vrequest_service (CoyoteXmlObject *object, gchar *name_of_service, va_list args)
 A coyote_xml_add_request_service version receiving va_list arguments.
void coyote_xml_add_vresponse_service (CoyoteXmlObject *object, CoyoteCodeType status_code, gchar *explanation, va_list args)
 A version of coyote_xml_add_vresponse_service accepting stdarg arguments.
CoyoteXmlMessagecoyote_xml_build_message (CoyoteXmlObject *object)
 Builds the CoyoteXmlMessage representation from a CoyoteXmlObject.
void coyote_xml_destroy_message (CoyoteXmlMessage *message)
 Destroy the given CoyoteXmlMessage object.
void coyote_xml_destroy_message_full (CoyoteXmlMessage *message)
 Perform a full delete for the given CoyoteXmlMessage.
void coyote_xml_destroy_object (CoyoteXmlObject *object)
 Destroy a CoyoteXmlObject object.
gchar * coyote_xml_escape_str (gchar *source)
 Escapes every character found on the given string if a escape character is found.
gboolean coyote_xml_has_escape_chars (gchar *source)
 Returns the needed to escape status for the given string.
CoyoteXmlObjectcoyote_xml_new_object (void)
 Creates a new CoyoteXmlObject object to be filled.
void coyote_xml_parse_destroy (CoyoteXmlServiceData *data)
 Destroy the given CoyoteXmlServiceData.
CoyoteXmlServiceDatacoyote_xml_parse_message (CoyoteXmlMessage *message)
 Parses a CoyoteXmlMessage and translates it into a CoyoteXmlServiceData.
CoyoteDataSetcoyote_xml_service_node_get_dataset (CoyoteXmlServiceData *xml_data)
 Returns the dataset inside the given CoyoteXmlServiceData.
GList * coyote_xml_service_node_get_datasets (CoyoteXmlServiceData *xml_data)
 Returns the list of dataset inside the given CoyoteXmlServiceData.
gboolean coyote_xml_validate_message (CoyoteXmlMessage *message)
 Allows to validate a CoyoteXmlMessage object.