void coyote_xml_add_response_service CoyoteXmlObject object,
CoyoteCodeType  status_code,
gchar *  explanation,

Adds a service response to the given CoyoteXmlObject.

This function adds a response service to given CoyoteXmlObject object.

status_code and explanation arguments are the state result for the given request service been responded.

Following explation argument comes a list of elements to response remote side.

Call to this function should look like:

   coyote_xml_add_response_service (object, COYOTE_CODE_OK, "your foo bar elements", 
                                    coyote_dataset1, coyote_dataset2, NULL);
   // remember to end argument list with null.

object the CoyoteXmlObject to add on a service response.
status_code the status code to be returned to remote client.
explanation the status message to be returned to remote client.