void coyote_xml_add_request_service CoyoteXmlObject object,
gchar *  name_of_service,

Adds a new service request to the given CoyoteXmlObject.

Attach to the object a service request, filling it with the given params.

After name_of_service arguments comes a list of elements corresponding to the params, ended by NULL. An example could be:

   coyote_xml_add_request_service (obect, "af_test::foo_service", 
                                   COYOTE_XML_ARG_INT, 10,
                                   COYOTE_XML_ARG_STRING, "value",
                                   COYOTE_XML_ARG_STRING_TO_FREE, g_strdup ("value"),

As you can see, the list elements is expected to be a pair CoyoteXmlArgType following by its value.

object the object to add the request service.
name_of_service the name of the service requested.