gboolean vortex_channel_is_ready VortexChannel channel  ) 

Returns the actual state for a given channel about pending replies.

Due to RFC3080/RFC3081 design any message sent will be replied in the order the message was issued. This means that if you use the same channel to send two messages the reply for the second one will not be received until the previous one. This is true even the second message have task-impact lower than previous on the remote peer.

Of course this is bottleneck problem because you can increase greatly the message/reply relation using channels that are ready in the sense they are not waiting for message replies so your message will not be blocked due to previous ones.

This function returns if a channel is ready in the previous sense: "No previous message is waiting to be replied over this channel so my message will only wait as long as the remote peer process my message and reply it".

Keep in mind a channel is always ready to send messages. In fact, eventually any message sent over a channel will have its reply but this "ready sense" is a matter or performance not availability.

channel the channel to check.
TRUE if ready or FALSE if not.