VortexChannel* vortex_channel_new_fullv VortexConnection connection,
gint  channel_num,
gchar *  serverName,
gchar *  profile,
VortexEncoding  encoding,
VortexOnCloseChannel  close,
gpointer  close_user_data,
VortexOnFrameReceived  received,
gpointer  received_user_data,
VortexOnChannelCreated  on_channel_created,
gpointer  user_data,
gchar *  profile_content_format,

Allows to create a new channel using all possible option and making possible to define profile content using a printf-like syntax.

This function behaves the same way than vortex_channel_new_full but allowing to define the profile content using the printf-like format. This could be handy while sending profile content that is more elaborated than just a simple string.

For more information see vortex_channel_new_full and vortex_channel_new.

connection The connection where the channel will be created.
channel_num The channel num requested to create.
serverName The serverName value for this channel request.
profile The profile requested.
encoding The content profile encoding.
close The close channel handler.
close_user_data User space data to be passed in to the close channel handler.
received The frame received handler.
received_user_data User space data to be passed in to the frame received handler.
on_channel_created Async notification callback to be executed once the channel is created or not.
user_data User space data to be passed in to on_channel_created
profile_content_format The profile content using a printf-like format: "<blob>%s</blob>"
A new channel created or NULL if the channel wasn't possible to be created.