VortexFrame* vortex_frame_create VortexFrameType  type,
gint32  channel,
gint32  msgno,
gboolean  more,
guint32  seqno,
gint32  size,
gint32  ansno,
gchar *  payload

Creates a new frame object (VortexFrame) using the given data.

Also check vortex_frame_create_full for a full support on creating new frames, also specifying content type and content transfer encoding values.

type The frame type to build.
channel The channel number the frame have.
msgno The message number the frame have.
more More flag configuration for the frame.
seqno The sequence number for the frame to build.
size The frame payload size.
ansno The answer number the frame have.
payload The payload the frame hold.
A newly created VortexFrame object that must be unrefered using vortex_frame_free when no longer needed.