typedef gboolean(* VortexOnStartChannel)(gint channel_num, VortexConnection *connection, gpointer user_data)

Async notification for start channel message received for a given profile.

Functions using this handler:

This handler is used to notify listener role that a channel is asked to be created. The channel to be created is associated with connection reference. If listener agree to create the channel TRUE must be returned. Otherwise, FALSE must be returned if channel creation is not wanted.

Vortex library ensure no petition to create new channels will conflict with actual channel created to actual connection passed Keep in mind BEEP protocol defines a connection as a session holder of channels. But, channels on different session (or connection) are independent.

On again, at the moment OnStartChannel is invoked, this channel is not already created. So you can't get a reference to this channel until you return TRUE.

You can also provied a user_data pointer to functions with accept this type of handlers to get access to some user defined data.

channel_num the channel num for the new channel attempted to be created.
connection the connection where the channel is going to be created.
user_data user defined data passed in to this async notifier.
TRUE if the new channel can be created or FALSE if not.