VortexHash: Thread Safe Hash table used inside Vortex Library.


void vortex_hash_clear (VortexHash *hash_table)
 Allows to clear a hash table.
void vortex_hash_destroy (VortexHash *hash_table)
 Destroy the given hash freeing all resources.
void vortex_hash_foreach (VortexHash *hash_table, GHFunc func, gpointer user_data)
 Perform a foreach over all elements inside the VortexHash.
void vortex_hash_insert (VortexHash *hash_table, gpointer key, gpointer value)
 Inserts a pair key/value inside the given VortexHash.
gpointer vortex_hash_lookup (VortexHash *hash_table, gconstpointer key)
 Perform a lookup using the given key inside the given hash.
VortexHashvortex_hash_new (GHashFunc hash_func, GEqualFunc key_equal_func)
 Creates a new VortexHash without providing destroy function.
VortexHashvortex_hash_new_full (GHashFunc hash_func, GEqualFunc key_equal_func, GDestroyNotify key_destroy_func, GDestroyNotify value_destroy_func)
 Creates a new VortexHash setting all functions.
gboolean vortex_hash_remove (VortexHash *hash_table, gconstpointer key)
 Removes the value index by the given key inside the given hash.
void vortex_hash_replace (VortexHash *hash_table, gpointer key, gpointer value)
 Replace using the given pair key/value into the given hash.
gint vortex_hash_size (VortexHash *hash_table)
 Returns the current hash size.