gboolean vortex_sasl_set_propertie VortexConnection connection,
VortexSaslProperties  prop,
gchar *  value,
GDestroyNotify  value_destroy

Allows to configure SASL properties used for the SASL authentication process.

While using SASL profiles, several properties are required. These properties are the user to authenticate, the password, etc.

This function allows to set properties using values that are required to be unrefered or not. In the case a propertie provided is required to be deallocated you should define the destroy handler for: value_destroy. Once the session is closed, the value destroy handler is run to deallocate provided value.

Properties that are available are:

Here is an example:

 // set the user (without providing a value_destroy handler because
 // bob is statically allocated)
 vortex_sasl_set_propertie (connection,  VORTEX_SASL_AUTH_ID, 
                            "bob", NULL);

 // set the password (providing a value_destroy handler because the
 // password was dynamically allocated)
 vortex_sasl_set_propertie (connection, VORTEX_SASL_PASSWORD, 
                            password, g_free); 

connection The connection where the properties will be set.
prop The properties to set.
value The value associated to the properties.
value_destroy A optional destroy function allowing to pass in properties values that are required to be unrefered when the session is closed.