Vortex TLS: TLS profile support and related functions


gboolean vortex_tls_accept_negociation (VortexTlsAcceptQuery accept_handler, VortexTlsCertificateFileLocator certificate_handler, VortexTlsPrivateKeyFileLocator private_key_handler)
 Allows to configure if current Vortex Library instance will accept TLS incoming connections.
gboolean vortex_tls_is_enabled ()
 Initialize and checks if the Vortex Library being used have support for TLS profile.
void vortex_tls_start_negociation (VortexConnection *connection, gchar *serverName, VortexTlsActivation process_status, gpointer user_data)
 Starts the TLS underlying transport security negotiation for the given connection.
VortexConnectionvortex_tls_start_negociation_sync (VortexConnection *connection, gchar *serverName, VortexStatus *status, gchar **status_message)
 Allows to start a TLS profile negotiation in a synchronous way (blocking the caller).