VortexConnection* vortex_tls_start_negociation_sync VortexConnection connection,
gchar *  serverName,
VortexStatus status,
gchar **  status_message

Allows to start a TLS profile negotiation in a synchronous way (blocking the caller).

This actually uses vortex_tls_start_negociation. Check out vortex_tls_start_negociation documentation to know more about activating TLS profile.

If TLS profile is not supported the function returns the same connection received. To avoid problems you should use vortex_tls_is_enabled first.

connection The connection where the TLS profile negotiation will take place.
serverName The serverName optional value to request remote peer to act as server name.
status An optional reference to a VortexStatus variable so the caller could get a TLS activation status.
status_message An optional reference to get a textual diagnostic about TLS activation status.
The new connection with TLS profile activated.