Vortex Types: Types definitions used across Vortex Library.


#define MAX_BUFFER_SIZE   65536
 Maximum buffer value to be read from the network in a single operation.
#define MAX_CHANNEL_NO   2147483647
 Maximum number of channel allowed to be created inside a VortexConnection.
#define MAX_CHANNELS_NO   2147483647
 the maximum number of channel which can be created on an connection (or session).
#define MAX_MESSAGE_NO   2147483647
 The maximum number which can identify a message.
#define MAX_MSG_NO   2147483647
 Maximum number of messages allowed to be sent for a specific channel instance.
#define MAX_SEQ_MOD   G_GINT64_CONSTANT(4294967296)
 Module number used to rotate sequence number for a channel if it overcomes MAX_SEQ_NO.
#define MAX_SEQ_NO   G_GINT64_CONSTANT(4294967295)
 Maximum sequence number allowed to be used for a channel created.
#define MAX_SEQUENCE_NO   4294967295
 The maximum number to be used on sequence frame payload.


typedef _VortexChannel VortexChannel
 A Vortex Channel object.
typedef _VortexChannelPool VortexChannelPool
 Vortex Channel Pool definition.
typedef _VortexConnection VortexConnection
 A Vortex Connection object.
typedef _VortexFrame VortexFrame
 A Vortex Frame object.
typedef _VortexHash VortexHash
 Thread safe hash table based on Glib Hash table intensively used across Vortex Library.
typedef _VortexQueue VortexQueue
 Thread safe queue table based on Glib Queue used across Vortex Library.
typedef _VortexSemaphore VortexSemaphore
 Thread safe semaphore definition based on Glib types used across Vortex Library.
typedef _WaitReplyData WaitReplyData
 Wait Reply data used for Wait Reply Method.


enum  VortexEncoding { EncodingUnknown, EncodingNone, EncodingBase64 }
 Enum value used to report which encoding is being used for the content profile send at the channel start phase. More...
enum  VortexFrameType {
 Describes the type allowed for a frame or the type a frame actually have. More...
enum  VortexIoWaitingFor { READ_OPERATIONS = 1, WRITE_OPERATIONS = 2 }
 Allows to specify which type of operation should be implemented while calling to Vortex Library internal IO blocking abstraction. More...
enum  VortexPeerRole { VortexRoleUnknown, VortexRoleInitiator, VortexRoleListener }
 In the context of the initial session creation, the BEEP peer allows you to get which is the role of a given VortexConnection object. More...
enum  VortexStatus { VortexError = 1, VortexOk = 2 }
 Vortex Operation Status This enum is used to represent different Vortex Library status. More...